The Forest Conservation Burial Ground - Oregon's first dedicated natural burial ground

This cemetery is an endowment care cemetery.

Price List


Sequential Interment Right: Whole Body, Pre-arrangement, Site is chosen by cemetery staff (Includes Endowment Care of 15%) $3000.00
Selected Interment Right: Whole Body, Pre-arrangement (Includes Endowment Care of 15%) $3600.00
Vista Interment Right: Whole Body, Pre-arrangement (Includes Endowment Care of 15%) $4600.00
Interment Right: Cremated Remains (Includes Endowment Care of 15%) $1800.00
Second Right of Interment: Cremated Remains   $ 750.00
Scattering of Cremated Remains   $ 500.00
Endowment Care (15% of Interment Right purchase) will be deposited into Endowment Care Trust.
At-Need Purchase (plus cost of Interment Right)  (Includes Endowment Care of 15%)  $ 400.00
Interment Fee (Opening and Closing): Whole Body   $1800.00
Interment Fee (Opening and Closing): Cremated Remains   $ 600.00
Recording Fee   $ 150.00
Interment, Special Days or Circumstances: Snow or Frozen Conditions $ 300.00
  After standard hours, Saturday, Sunday, or holidays:  
  Whole Body Interment $500.00
  Cremated Remains Interment or Scattering $250.00
We are building a Community Support Fund to promote equitable access to purchases within The Forest. Please inquire about contributing to or making use of this fund.
Memorial Stone Purchase   $ 100.00
Memorial Stone Engraving and Placement   $ 250.00
Other Memorial: Wall Plaque   $1000.00
Other Memorial: Tree Dedication   $1500.00
Other Memorial: Bench Dedication   $2000.00
Other Memorial   Variable
Graveside Set-Up Rental (includes up to 30 chairs, table(s), and canopy as needed)   $ 250.00
Transfer of Interment Right   $ 150.00
Duplicate Copy of Interment Right   $ 100.00

This facility is licensed and regulated by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board (971) 673-1500.
This is an endowment care cemetery.

Pricing Explained


We are required to publish our General Price List, which we realize can be confusing to read. Let us help by summarizing what people most want to know.

The Cost of Burying a Whole Body

The basic cost, if arranged in advance of death, ranges from $4,950 to $6,550.
This includes: Purchase of the Internment Right to the 5’ x 10’ plot, the required 15% deposit to the Endowment Care Fund, the services of our sexton in arranging and facilitating the burial, the cost of opening and closing the grave, a permanent survey-type marker, and the fee for recording the burial. This affords an opportunity to prepare burial plans and interact with surviving family in advance.

The basic cost, if arranged at the time of death, ranges from $5,350 to $6,950.
This includes the same elements as above, but more work is required to arrange burial details at the time of need, without previous discussion and preparation.

The Cost of Burying Cremated Remains

The basic cost, in a separate 2.5’ x 2.5’ plot, is $2,400.
The basic cost for burial in a plot with a whole body (Second Right of Interment), is $1,350.
These include the same services as above for a whole body burial, but use of a smaller grave.

Are there any price breaks?
Yes, sales of interment plots for whole body or cremated remains paid in full at the time of purchase in advance of need are discounted 5%.

Can burial costs be paid gradually instead of all at once?
Yes, financing can be arranged for monthly payments over a 1-3 year period. No interest will be charged for the first 12 months, and then 6% interest will be charged until fully paid.

Are there any other necessary costs?
You will need to decide what will be used to enclose the body or cremated remains. We can advise you about biodegradable options and sources or provide those items at a nominal cost. Everything else is optional and at your discretion.

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