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Meet Farmer Dave

Dave Baldwin made his way to Ashland & Willow-Witt Ranch in May 2014, after an adventurous jaunt around the country in search of a new place to call home.

Farmer Dave

He hails from Salt Lake City, UT, where he grew up in a tight-knit family who lived close to the land. Dave has plenty of awesome memories of his grandparent’s farm, having spent a good deal of time there learning to care for plants and animals. 

As a teenager, Dave began to study photography, which eventually led to starting his own photography business. He specialized in portraiture, commercial, and skateboard/snowboard photography. His art took him on several tours throughout the US documenting a professional snowboard team.   

At a certain point, Dave felt a strong call back to the land, so he got to work starting up a farming business. He managed to balance his farm work with his photography for awhile, but pretty soon all of his time was devoted to growing. Over the course of 10 years, Dave ran a biointensive specialty organic produce farm, selling at high-volume farmers markets in the Salt Lake Valley, along with offering a variety of CSA programs. 


When Dave learned that the land he had cared for and cultivated would be unavailable to grow on in the future, he suddenly had to shift gears. After a bit of traveling and soul searching, he headed out west in search of the perfect place to put down some roots and start up his dream farm. He wound up in Ashland, and impressed by the favorable growing climate and natural beauty, decided to stay for awhile to check it out. 

Ashland in April

Since Dave has had a break from the extraordinarily demanding schedule of a self-employed farmer, he’s once again had time to devote to his love of the photographic lens. He’s been shooting beautiful landscape and portraiture photography, and has become engaged in documenting Willow-Witt Ranch through his images.


Pack Goats July 2014 Dave Baldwin Photo

You can find Dave hard at work at the Ranch, soaking up all the experiences that life has to offer with a positive attitude and giving spirit. During his time here, he’s been enjoying deepening his knowledge of animal husbandry, and is grateful to work in a pristine environment with whom he describes as truly amazing people.

Pandora Ali

If you make it up for a visit this summer, you might have the opportunity to do a farm photo shoot with Dave, as he’s currently considering the possibility of offering photography sessions to individuals and families wishing to capture their time at the Ranch.


Look for lots of Dave’s farm images in our newsletter, and on our Facebook and Twitter posts.

Contact Dave about his photography at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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