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Happy New Year! February 2014 Ranch News

Here we are tumbling into a most glorious winter season, and actually hoping for snow! We chose this part of Ashland and the mountains for the changing seasons and every year we think is the most beautiful we’ve seen. This winter is no exception with the air cold and crisp, heavy frost, firewood in, birthing season here, and the buds on the trees magnificent.

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The year 2013 was very productive for the ranch, with good sales at the Growers’ Markets and on-line.  We also hosted more visits and guests at the farm.  We also had a wonderful End of Summer Party which we plan to repeat (with a beginning-of-summer party as well) this year. So if you missed the September 1st party with Blue Grass, Bratwurst, goat hikes, and tours, you can still partake in 2014. We bought a dance floor from one of the weddings at the campground last fall so we can all “shake a leg” next year while we eat!


Goats with Totes - Coming Soon!

Our newest endeavor is an extension of our passion for backpacking and goats…Lanita as a “goat wrangler,” packing trips into the wilderness for groups. More on this in the next newsletter!

February Willow Witt Ranch News:


Farm Stays, Rentals and Campground 

We have renamed the “new” house on the land to Meadow House and will be renting it daily (or weekly) for retreats and farm stays.  It faces the South Meadow... READ MORE.

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Birthing Season and Puppies! 

Looking ahead, animal birthing season starts in February for the goats and in March for the pigs.  We have 13 milk goats bred to our wonderful buck, Maximus. He enjoyed his working season... 


Feeding our Animals 

The Mangel Wurtzel crop this year grew well and has been fed out to pigs, goats, and chickens.  This is year number 2 of growing these fodder beets; they’re a high carbohydrate BIG beet... READ MORE.

home power magazine

We're the New 'Cover Girls' in Home Power Magazine!

Suzanne Willow and Lanita Witt are the owners of Willow Witt Ranch, a 440-acre sustainable farming enterprise that raises organic, pasture-grown pigs; Alpine goats for milk and backpacking... READ MORE.

Bridge Street "Garage Meat Store" 

Remember that we have meat products available at the Bridge Street “garage store” (call for directions) and you can order by phone or the online store on our website and your product will be delivered within the week. The Tuesday Growers’ Market will open March 11, 2014.


Thank you all for your support over the years. We are very excited about adventures that await us in 2014; we will relish each month of the “slower season” planning for the upcoming season and the next harvest.

- Suzanne, Lanita, and the
Crew at Willow-Witt Ranch

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