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It's Breeding Time for our Alpine Goats

As we’re getting settled in for the colder months, we’re already making preparations for next year’s ranch babies! A new generation of goat kids is on the way. If you’ve visited us during birthing season, you know the joy that these playful and energetic baby goats bring. Needless to say, we are eagerly awaiting their arrivals!

Baby goats enjoying life on the ranch

At the ranch, we breed and raise Alpine goats. Having originated in the French Alps, this wonderful breed is both hardy and beautiful. They are intelligent with a curious nature, and have charming personalities. They provide us with milk and meat, and also make great pack animals for hiking and hunting.

Raising Alpine goats in the high country of Southern Oregon

Alpine goat does are well recognized as heavy milk producers. Our dairy goats provide us with an abundance of nutritious milk. Guests at the ranch are treated to fresh goat milk while staying with us, and we offer a Raw Milk Herdshare to our local Ashland, OR community. With our Herdshare, people can sign up for a steady supply of fresh, organically raised, unprocessed goat milk. If you’re local to the area and are interested in signing up, you can read more about it HERE, or contact us by phone or email.

French Alpine dairy goats are excellent milkers

We bring in a different buck each breeding season, and this year we are pleased to welcome Sergio. This handsome fellow is currently breeding with seven of our does. Check out the mug on this guy!

Sergio the Stud: Breeding Alpine Goats at Willow-Witt Ranch

Each mother typically gives birth to between one and four babies, which means we could very well have our hands full next Spring! It will be a great time to come up for a visit with your own kids; young people and goats seem to have a natural affinity for one another.

Visitors at Willow-Witt ranch feeding and playing with baby goats

Be sure to check back here for lots of 2016 baby pictures, and come up for a visit if you can!

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