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Goat Sausage, Bacon, Ham, and Brats 

All of our Goat Sausages plus Bratwurst, Ham and Bacon are back!  Just in time for BLT's.

All of these items will be available at the Grower's Market in Ashland starting tomorrow, Saturday 8/17, at our Farm Store, and on our website

Last Wednesday, Katie and Suzanne made more than 1300 pounds of sausage at Taylor's Sausage facility in Cave Junction.  Because  our sausages have all fresh ingredients and custom spices mixes, we take coolers with our ingredients and go to the custom room at Taylor's; Bill preps our meat before we get there at 8am, grinds the meat fresh for each batch, mixes in all ingredients and grinds it  again.  It's then stuffed, frozen, packaged, labeled, and shipped "home." Worth the effort to bring this wonderful meat to Market.  

We've had a very busy summer, with our Farmhouse Studio,  Wall Tents and Campsites filled nearly every week.  It's fun to meet new folks from all over the country and the world (Australia, Holland, Belgium this summer,) but we especially enjoy seeing the families that are on their third or fourth annual stay.  We get to watch their kids grow up and they get to watch our goat kids grow up to packing size. 

August is the month for shooting stars!  If you are looking for truly dark skies to view the Perseid meteor shower,book a Wall Tent or Campsite at the ranch, and bring a pad to lie in the meadow.  You'll see more stars than you've ever known existed!
Some people visit the ranch in summer then return when it transforms into a winter wonderland; our Farmhouse Studio will be open all winter.  Cross-country ski or snowshoe right from the deck, then go home to a cozy studio and a soak in our wood-heated tub, or sit by the fire in the snowy quiet and that sounds like a vacation to me! 

Here are some events that are coming up soon:  

Our End of Summer Party is on Sunday, September 1st from 11am to 5pm.  (click here for details)  Bring your family and friends for music, food demonstration, farm tours, and a goat hike. (Please leave all dogs at home.) We'll have sausages and the fixings to cook and will donate a portion of sales to Rogue Valley Farm to School.  There are a few nights available in Wall Tents, the Studio, or Campsites over the Labor Day weekend, too.

Jake Hayes will be hosting a Turkey tour on his Ashland farm on Saturday August 24th.  Jake works here and we get our Thanksgiving turkeys from him, and they're wonderful.  Call Jake at 541-771-6212 or visit for more information.

Thank you all for the wonderful support we've received this year.  We hope to see you at the Ashland Growers' Market this week and up at the ranch on September 1.  

          - Suzanne, Lanita, and the
                 Crew at Willow-Witt Ranch


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