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Campground Cookhouse Expanded & Updated

One of our big projects this year was the expansion and remodel of the campground kitchen. We have lots of families and groups that come up during the warmer parts of the year to enjoy a campout, and many of them happen to be foodies who love to cook!

Cookhouse At Night

We've grown the total area of the kitchen to about twice its former size. In our effort to practice sustainability, we used lumber harvested from our property in the building of the structure. We feel that the end result is equal parts functional and beautiful.

Campground at Willow-Witt Ranch

The kitchen is equipped with gas cooktops and even a new oven! We’re also keeping the kitchen fully stocked with cutlery, cookware, flatware and glassware, along with some staple foods (including your morning coffee). For those of you who enjoy grilling, we've got you covered!

Camp BBQ

Large stainless steel sinks, cabinets and food preparation tables were chosen for their durability and cleanliness. There’s also plenty of seating and dining tables to gather around and enjoy freshly prepared meals with loved ones.

Camp Kitchen

While the campground is closed for the winter, its never too early to plan a farmstay with us! The Meadow House and Studio House accommodations are open year-round, and camping opens up to guests in May or June, depending on the weather. We hope to see you soon!

Campground Wall Tent

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