Reviews from Our Farm Stay Guests

“It is rare that an Airbnb is better than the photos on the website, but this one of those rare cases. An absolutely gorgeous piece of land that has been exquisitely managed for many years by the gracious hosts. A wander through the woods here shows you what woods are supposed to look like, and getting to cradle the baby goats was just icing on the cake. You are a relatively short drive into Ashland, but we would have been content if we never left the property. We will return soon and often. The only surprise was the snow, but that is because we are from the Bay Area and had forgotten that seasons exist!” –Nicholas T., San Francisco Bay Area

"We had a great stay at the ranch. We helped feed goats and chickens, played with the baby goats..." –Guest from Ashland, OR

"This is a remarkable farm, a perfect little studio, and natural locale worthy of many return visits. It is so nice to be invited into a world wherein people are doing such beautiful work. The sounds alone are a cure for modern chaos. Perfect balance of friendly activity and gentle privacy. Animals galore, bountiful garden -- to be at Willow Witt is to simultaneously look back in time at something lost, and to look forward at a hopeful, sustainable possibility."

"This is our third visit and it gets better and better. This time we were lucky enough to stay for 2 whole weeks, what a treat. Everyone here makes you feel like you are part of their happy, beautiful family the moment you arrive. The love they exude is wholeheartedly genuine. We can't wait to return!" Guest from Los Angeles, CA

"We had a beautiful and romantic night here in the moonlight. We hope to someday return and enjoy this magical place." –Elizabeth D., Oakland, CA

"A wonderful, magical place!" Guest from Portland, OR

"What a beautiful farm! We had a great time harvesting the veggies and learning about the animals. The eggs, milk and sausages were divine—keep up the terrific work!" Guest from Media, PA

"We enjoyed the quiet mornings, showers at sunrise and playing with Izzy, the dog. Thank you." Guest from Portland, OR

"Thank you so much for embracing us goat (and livestock) people. We learned so much from you and appreciate how much work and love you've put into the farm itself, the animals, the trees, the veggie garden, and the sustainability concept. You've done a wonderful job in educating the people on what a rewarding life should be like. You will always be the highlight of our trip.... Sweet milk comes from contented goats, and yours have the best life." Guest from Shenorock, NY

"This is an incredibly beautiful place and we were very cozy. Thank you!" Guest from San Francisco, CA

"Thank you so much for a great farm experience. From wonderful hospitality, accommodations, food, and landscape, this has been one of my favorite weekend getaways ever. We will be back and I will share this place with friends and family. P.S. I discovered goat milk is delicious..." Guest from Portland, OR

"We had lots of fun! I liked gathering eggs." Guest from San Francisco, CA

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Willow-Witt Ranch is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of a unique ecosystem in the Southern Cascades, and the headwaters, wetlands, and forests that arise there. We provide education on the values of ecology and of the complex web of food and environment by operating a small certified organic farm and Farm Stay accommodations for a unique agritourism experience.
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Willow-Witt Ranch

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