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Become a member of the Willow-Witt Ranch Certified Organic Herdshare and ensure a weekly supply of fresh, unprocessed whole goat milk for your family. Dairy doesn’t get any fresher than this; healthy milk comes from healthy goats. Our farm is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. The Alpine goats are hand-raised and browse on organic pastures and forest, and organic alfalfa. Our dairy goats also receive an organic corn-and soy-free grain supplement when they are being milked. We milk year-round, with peak production in the summer season.

Herdshare owners purchase shares in the dairy herd, then pay a monthly fee to the farmers to feed and board the animals, and to milk, store and deliver the milk to a drop site for weekly pick up. The herdshare owners do not buy milk from the farmers; owners pay for the care of their share of the dairy herd.

Milk is delivered weekly to a chosen drop site for owners to pick up; sites include on-farm, Ashland, or Medford. For more information, click to download "What is a Herd Share?"

A share is an average of a half-gallon of milk weekly. Whole (full) share, half share and multiple shares are available. The ‘agistment’ (care) fee is charged in 4-week increments through a secure online payment system. Prices are as follows:

Whole (full) share: $60/month plus $60 one-time buy-in
Half share: $30/month plus $30 one-time buy-in

Freshest Organic Raw Goat Milk

To Join the Raw Goat Milk Herdshare:

  1. Download, complete, and return the Herdshare Buy-In and Agistment Contracts, sign and return them by scan/email, or paper mail to Willow-Witt Ranch at 658 Shale City Rd, Ashland, Oregon 97520.
  2. Once we have received your Agistment contract we willl contact you for billing information and your deliveries will begin.



Call (541) 890-1998 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details or questions. 

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