Things to know when planning a visit to Willow-Witt Ranch for camp, a hike, or to visit the Farm Store: All visitors and staff must wear masks in common areas, and keep 6' physical distance. Visitors may not enter the barns or pens, but may pet goats and chickens through the fences. When shopping, please tell a staff person what you would like and we will bring your items to you; our Farm Store does not allow space for distancing. Handwash stations are conveniently located at the farm and campground...please use them.

Farm Goods

Willow-Witt Ranch offers an array of products. We are proud that our land and products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. We have available year-round organic raw goat milk, organic eggs, and meat chickens. Spring through fall we also have a wide variety of organic vegetables available.

Organic Spinach at Farmers' Market
Suzanne and Lanita with their Organic Certification
Farm Store Blackboard th
Farm Store Meats
Freshest Organic Raw Goat Milk

Willow-Witt Ranch tee-shirts, and post cards by Dave Baldwin are available in our Farm Store.

We also sell goats. We breed and raise Alpine goats for our dairy; the kids are hand-raised and trained for hiking/packing. We sell does in milk, young does (bred or not), and started pack goats (male and female). Contact us for prices and availability year round.

Our products are always available at the Willow-Witt Ranch Farm Store. The Farm Store and the farm are open 11-5 daily. Call for road conditions in the winter.

March through November visit our booth at the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market on Tuesdays at the Armory in Ashland. During winter months, check our Winter Availability page.

Thank you for your business; it is truly a pleasure and a privilege working with this land to provide local organic and sustainably-raised food for our community.

locally raised meat, eggs and dairy products
Willow-Witt Ranch is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of a unique ecosystem in the Southern Cascades, and the headwaters, wetlands, and forests that arise there. We provide education on the values of ecology and of the complex web of food and environment by operating a small certified organic farm and Farm Stay accommodations for a unique agritourism experience.
Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
Willow-Witt Ranch

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