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Seasons at Willow-Witt Ranch

Every season at the ranch brings different beauty, bounty, and experiences. Come stay with us and see for yourself!

Spring brings rain, wildflowers, baby farm animals, organic greens, eggs, fresh goat milk, bird watching, and more...

Summer brings longer days of sunshine, camping, more organic garden produce, eggs, fresh goat milk, and more...

Fall brings more organic garden harvest, last days of camping under the stars, pack goat hikes, and more...

Winter brings snow, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, cozy fireplaces, planning for the coming year... 

locally raised meat, eggs and dairy products
Willow-Witt Ranch is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of a unique ecosystem in the Southern Cascades, and the headwaters, wetlands, and forests that arise there. We provide education on the values of ecology and of the complex web of food and environment by operating a small certified organic farm and Farm Stay accommodations for a unique agritourism experience.
Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
Willow-Witt Ranch

658 Shale City Road
Ashland, OR 97520
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