Farm-Fresh Eggs

A More Sustainable Way

Our excellent laying flock of Black Sex-Link, Araucana, Cuckoo Maran, Barred Rock, and Wyandotte produce Rainbow eggs that pack quite a nutritional punch! Rotating their pasture and supplying them with organic feed when needed reduces impact on the land while giving the girls the free-range lifestyle they crave.

A Healthier Way

Common sense dictates that a free-range, organically-fed chicken tastes better than a typical factory farm bird, but did you know that they're better for you too? Birds on pasture with access to fresh air, pure water, sunlight, and plenty of bugs live a healthier life. More chlorophyll from the grasses translates into leaner meat eggs with less cholesterol and higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Each daily movement of the birds allows pastures to regrow, with an added boost from nitrogen-rich chicken waste. Combined with rotational grazing utilizing goats and hogs, our pastures remain lush and abundant.

A Better Way

Free range is defined as "access to outdoors;" this could include a small opening at the end of a 200 foot long house filled with thousands of chickens. Pastured is defined as a "sustainable agriculture technique that calls for raising of birds on pasture without indoor confinement". Diversity of diet, health benefits of grazing new ground daily, and a greater resistance to disease are just a few of the reasons chickens raised on pasture produce a superior egg and live a healthier, happier life.

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